1U, двухканальный, XLR, 110/220 V.
Поты все на месте, не хрустят. В отличном состоянии.

90 т.р.
Доставка из Тулы.

Краткое описание - правда, для предыдущей модели из этой линейки (взято отсюда):

This is a remarkable, high quality equalizer. Don't be fooled by the Peavey styling. The NTI uses a non-resonant topology, so phase shift is minimized. It is a bandpass mixer, meaning you can raise or lower a specific band without creating resonance, ringing or additional phase shift. Exceptional for equalizing stereo sources without distorting the stereo image. Also good for equalizing one mic of a multi-mic recording without causing additional phase interference.